Web Development is a complicated career choice for the newcomers in the industry. This career is also exciting because you can demonstrate your creative magic to the whole world in realtime! 

As a full time student web development is always a confusing choice. The reason behind is nothing but continuous high endorsement of new technologies in the market.

But it’s too much for the new kids to learn all of it at once. So, at the end of the day the freshers suffer from confusing career choice. Now I will bust out some of the myths in web development career so that you have some mental peace after reading this article.

Myth Busted:

Q1: So many technologies are there, what if I learn one and it gets out of market? 

A1: All the technologies have job opportunities in the market. So, pick your one and be a master at it.

Q2: Where do I start from?

A2: It’s better to start from front end technologies. I would suggest, start with HTML5, CSS3 and JS(Es6).

Q3: What about backend technologies?

A3: Frankly it depends on your personal choice or sometimes it’s the job offer you get helps you to choose. 

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Zafor Iqbal

Full Stack Web Developer, Entrepreneur


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