If you did ask me this Ten years back, I would have said “Go ahead and do it!” But I’m not gonna say it now. Why? There are many scenarios I’ve seen throughout my IT career. I will try to give you a picture of how the reality looks like in this field. 

Frankly it’s really complicated picture than it looks. I will try to draw it on the basis of Bangladesh then will try to add some foreign flavors. 

Honestly we need a lot of coders, CS engineers in the coming days. The market has huge gap in this sector. That’s why I see a humongous amount of people are jumping into taking a CS degree. So, before proceeding further I want you to ask several question to yourself and answer genuinely.  

Questions to ask before you go for a CS degree.
  1. Is this career your choice?
  2. Do you love/like solving problems?
  3. Do you like mathematics?
  4. Do you like rational thinking?
  5. Do you like automation?
  6. Are you persistent in solving problems?
  7. Can you start small?
  8. Are you self motivated?
  9. Are you ethical?

If all the answers are Yes or Positive, then choosing Computer Science as a career might me the right choice for you. If some of the answers are “No”, you still might follow the path. If all the answers are negative, I suggest you choose another career path. 

Now I will try to explain why these points matter to consider before you make your decision. 

Point 1: Is this your career choice?

 In Bangladesh, usually parents choose the education career path for their kids. Although things are changing now, but I strongly suggest you to make this choice by your own self. Why? The start of this journey is a bit hectic. First you will be taught about computers and how they work, then you will learn how to write programs to command them to do your bidding. These includes flowchart, pseudo code, programming language, data structure, algorithms, computer interfacing, automata, compiler design and so many more topics. Even though I was kinda geek, I had hard time getting these concepts clear in my mind.

If you choose the career decision by yourself, you will at-least have the energy to fight to learn no matter how hard it is. If it is your parents decision, you will only blame them when you can’t get things done on your own. That’s why I emphasis on this point so much.

Point 2: Do you love/like solving problems?

If you are someone who loves copying, don’t study CS. Because there will be many coding problems in your programming career that you will have to solve on your own. 

Point 3: Do you like math?

Liking mathematics gives you a upper hand. That’s all. You don’t have to love or like it. All you have to do is have the capacity to understand the mathematical reasoning. Or learn mathematics better if you are pretty bad at it. 

Point 4: Do you like rational thinking?

Computer programming is step by step process. If you love logical or rational thinking it’s gonna be pretty easier for you!

Point 5: Do you like automation?

This point is just inspirational. I meant to say, if you are crazy about tech stuff and want to be a part of it, you will fit just right in. 

Point 6: Are you persistent in solving problems?

This point is very important. We CS people make the computer do our bidding by instructing them. Sometimes it takes a lot of complicated coding and calculation to get the job done. For your simple decimal overflow in calculation can make a rocket change it’s path and get destroyed in milliseconds. So, solving problems is very crucial. Just because of a simple bug, a billion dollar project can be a total loss. If you study CS, you can build the habit of solving problems.Or should I say you will have to be persistent in solving problems. 

Point 7: Can you start small?

In Bangladesh extremely few companies give the opportunity to the graduates to start big. Rest of the companies just exploit labor and messes up with the dreams of the graduates. This is the reality and you have to accept it. What you can do is learn industry standard coding and stick to your first job at least one year, then apply for better opportunities. If you are hungry at learning, you won’t have to worry about your coding future. The right people will keep you! Having a compromising mentality helps in avoiding frustration at the beginning of your coding career.

Point 8: Are you self motivated?

In CS career you will have to learn all tech stuff on your own. You just might get community help on the way. So, self motivation is very Important in this sector. 

Point 9: Are you ethical?

This one is extremely crucial to mention. If you are ethical about your learning, it will pay you back with the highest interest rate. So, don’t cheat while learning. I assure you, if you cheat, you will regret the rest of your life.

Bonus Point: The more you become experienced in this field, the more valuable you become. The more cash can be made! 😉 

Foreign Flavors:  The more you become skilled, the more you are valued in the market. This skills are valuable throughout the whole world. So, you can outsource too! You might even get a job to an offshore company just because you have what it takes to get the job done! So, dream big and keep learning. good luck!

Well, that’s all for this topic today. Let me know what you think. Or add your points in the comment below! Till next time.. cheers! 

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Zafor Iqbal

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