Yes, if you are someone who uses a computer for their everyday work. Will it hamper my current work if I don’t learn? Well, it’s nothing like that. Learning design is like learning swimming. This skill lasts like forever. I will give some points for your convenience. Then you decide whether it is something you wish to spend your time on learning.

Design makes a clear communication: A well curated design can save thousands of words. Be it for professional work or your personal content. For instance, I bet you have seen at least one Meme on Facebook and laughed hard. The meme was only a picture, visual communication, which was enough for you to get the meaning without any verbose explanation! 

Digital Marketing: This is the era of Digital Marketing or specifically Social Media Marketing. Whatever you post on social media creates an impression about you. If you can make sure you post something that has some value to your audience, your audience will follow you. And with design you can create value easily!

Empowering You: Learning design does not mean you learn about Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch. It’s about learning how to communicate visually. When you get in depth of design, you see how people respond to colors, objects and compositions. You learn something beautiful. You discover one of the most beautiful parts of you. And it empowers you to communicate more clearly with your audience. 

Creativity: Whether you are creative or not, design will increase your creativity. How? To, design you will have to look for the designs that others are doing and gradually you will form concepts on your own and create something new. 

Plus point for a job: Now a days recruiters value a candidate who has design skill. It’s just an advantage for the candidate and cost saving for the recruiter. So, knowing design can somehow increase  your chances of getting the job! 

Freedom: Just learn design, then you will see that you are free! Free from cluttered thoughts, free from dependency on your designer, free to think as you like. This freedom is something you will feel when you understand design and of course love to design. 

Well, these are some points to make my argument stand. I don’t believe I need to add more. All I have to say is “Learn Graphic Design” and you will thank me later, I know! 😉 


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Zafor Iqbal

Full Stack Web Developer, Entrepreneur


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