First of all I will admit that this is forceful writing! How’s that? Well, I forced myself to write this. Today I took a resolution that I will write at least one blog everyday. It can be on anything. But mostly you will find it on tech of course! 

Why we need web design?

To develop an amazing website you need to design it first so that you can have an overview of all your content distribution throughout all your web pages. 

How web design came into being...!

If you go back to the early stage of web, you will find that, it was a quite different picture! The Internet was born to share and send information to the farthest possible corners on earth! So, you know the purpose of inventing Internet. Now it comes to the point of information delivery and presentation towards the reader or receiver. 

In earliest times the web pages were designed with minimal styling. The browsers were not so advanced as they are now. There was no multiple screen issues as well. 

Time flew and with the advancement of web technologies and the revolution of smartphones paved the way for better web content presentation. It means all the web pages have to be designed considering the screen sizes of all the devices available in the market. And that’s when the task became challenging!

Fortunately, with the hardware revolution the software revolution kept a real good pace. And we have some amazing front end frameworks to support multiple devices at once. Such a framework is “Bootstrap” . Before Bootstrap it was a nightmare for the designers to design for all the supported devices. 

Let's talk about web design, I mean how it is done.

Normally for a web design job, a designer takes requirement from a client. According to the requirement the designer makes a sitemap. Considering sitemap and website content, the designer creates some wire-frame. When the wire-frame is finalized, a mock up is built and shown to the client for final check-up. If the client agrees on the mock-up, the design is given to a web developer to make website. If not, the design is delivered after modification on the basis of feedback from the client. That’s all. This is how it is done. Now, if you want me to show you how to do wire-framing, sitemap or mock-up, I will have to write it in another blog! This one ends here. Let me know your thoughts or any request to know about any specific topics! So, till next time.. tata!  

Zafor Iqbal

Full Stack Web Developer, Entrepreneur


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